What Customers Are Saying


"It is a sincere pleasure to offer my highest praise for your outstanding work on the seven indoor and outdoor projects you completed at my residence in 2008. Your work ethic was impeccable, you followed through on all the tasks in a timely and efficient manner, and your bids were always fair and clearly specified. Both my wife and I were never worried about any of the projects you tackled because we felt you cared as much about the quality of your craftsmanship as we did, and you often exceeded our expectations.

It’s hard to say which project was the best. My top picks would be the spectacular redwood fence, the gorgeous mantle around our fireplace that you designed and built based upon a small magazine picture; the amazing passive solar patio arbor you built; and the stylistically similar back yard swing. Of course we are still enjoying the water fountain you installed and the backyard lighting you wired, the gas barbeque you re-plumbed, the indoor windows you refurbished, and the kitchen cutting board you replaced. In closing, I have been very impressed with your checking back with us to see if everything was still satisfactory. Your integrity and fine craftsmanship are unsurpassed: I highly recommend your work without reservation."

Bill and Susan Andrews, Davis, California


"is an amazing contractor. I hired him to build trim around my two large sets of living room windows.  I could tell right away from the time he put into designing the trimwork with me that I had chosen well.  His work was meticulous and beautiful--he doesn't just build things--he is a true craftsman.  I was so impressed with the care he put into the job.  He was always on time, always respectful, and worked tirelessly to complete the job in a timely manner.  Normally I make sure to stick around when I have contractors in my house.  After getting to know Darius, I would gladly give him the key to my house and trust that he would clean up and lock up before he left.  His work ethic is the best I've ever seen, and I highly recommend him to anyone who wants a job done right." 

Carol Harris, Davis, CA


"I have used Darius Construction for a number of projects in my home over the past two years. They have provided clear, complete and accurate estimates, along with exceptional quality and friendly service. Darius combines an engineer's mind for design with an artisan's eye for detail in everything from rough framing and plumbing to electrical, flooring, and final finish. In my professional life, I have worked on multi-million dollar projects with other companies that could learn quite a bit from this one. I fully expect to use Darius Construction again for a number of future projects."

Eric Kammerer – Dixon


"We have used several contractors over the years for home repair and improvement projects, and Darius is the most skilled, versatile, conscientious, and accommodating of the bunch.  Darius took on three significant projects for us, including extensive repair of exterior wall dry rot damage and a minor kitchen remodel that included a fair amount of electrical and drywall work.  We were delighted with the results and greatly appreciate Darius’ obvious attention to detail, his efforts to contain the mess and his willingness to explore cost-saving strategies.  At this point, we couldn’t imagine hiring anybody else for major work on our house."

Steve and Karen Adams, Davis, CA


"During 2008-09, Darius Kiaune completed an unfinished room over my garage in South Davis.  It included, drywall, taping, and electrical.  He built a custom toilet room and shower under a slanting ceiling that required skill and ingenuity.  His work was excellent, his integrity impeccable, and he was reliable.  When he said he’d be here during the months’ long process, he was.   I recommend him unquestionably and would be pleased to answer any questions from a prospective customer."

Gary Godefroy, Davis, CA


"Darius Construction is the best contractor with which I have worked.  I was trying to do a small house renovation in one month.  On the second day, I ran into unexpected dry rot and termite damage in both bathrooms.  A friend suggested that I call Darius.  Darius came out the next day and began work two days later.  Darius is a hard worker and completes everything he tells you he can within the time frame he gives you.  His work is excellent! I have referred him to several friends and each one has had the same experience I had.  To say the least, Darius finished the renovation in one month and I was in my home.  I cannot thank Darius enough for the fantastic job he did.  I continue to call him for small jobs and he is just as responsive each time I call.  I would highly recommend him!"

Julise Johanson, Davis, CA


"Darius was great to work with. He listened to ideas and found solutions to all our construction challenges.  Each phase of the project was handled with care and skill. He converted 12' high carport in to garage/show room with big loft for storage a lot of lights and textured drywall. The garage includes nice and intricate extension for shade. Darius also built covered screen porch. We now look for more home projects, just to hire him again. We also recommended him to several friends who say that he did a fantastic job for them as well. Great service and quality."

Howard and Nancy Shapiro, Davis, CA


"Darius is wonderful to work with from the start of a project to the finish; from his careful estimates through stellar clean-up.  He is skilled, versatile and entirely reliable, with an attention to detail that is notable in the completed project as well as in discussion of material or other choices.  We have been very pleased with all of the jobs he's completed for us -- from driveway repair to house panelling to the building of raised garden beds.  On the job, he's been happy to respond to additional requests such as a  quick look under the kitchen sink to repair a faulty    garbage disposal or to install a light fixture.  We continue to hire Darius for projects, large and small, confident that the job will be done well and at the committed time."

Nancy and Tom


"Darius has done a number of jobs for us including building two decks, installing new electrical circuits, and plumbing.  His estimates are thorough and accurate, and his work is of the highest quality. In addition to his technical expertise, one characteristic that really distinguishes him is his communication practices.  He keeps us informed of any problems or changes, and solicits input where choices can be made.  We wouldn't hesitate to call Darius again!"

Greg Miller & Carolyn Penny


"Darius is not only one of the most dependable building contractor I have worked with (he comes to work when he says he will and he is on time, stays until the project is complete, accurately predicts the amount of work time).  He has completed every job at a very high level of competence.  He is good at listening and finding out exactly how I would like the project done and giving input as to how it would be best to do the job.  I cannot recommend him highly enough, I have passed his number on to a number of my friends and will continue to use his services in the future for any construction needs--"

Reeda Palmer


"My husband and I first contracted with Darius to remodel our back bedroom, and we were very pleased with his work. He completely transformed the room by replacing a small, poorly placed window with a large one, opening up the room to light and views of the garden. Darius met with us before we ordered the window and gave us good advice on what features we should get to minimize the cost of the installation. He prepared the work area carefully, making sure that no dust would get into the rest of the house, and he cleaned up thoroughly after each day’s work. Darius kept to the schedule and the cost projection that he had given us, and he performed very high quality work. We have contracted with Darius for other projects, both on the interior and exterior of the house. We have high confidence in his skill and in his judgment. In fact, he completed one project while we were out of town. We highly recommend Darius for small or large home remodeling or repair work."

Ruth and Martin Wilson, Davis, CA


"We first hired Darius to rebuild a very beautiful fence that screened our house from the street.  The fence was well designed and well built and was important to us.  We were so impressed by his work that sometime later we asked Darius to replace our deck which had been designed by an architect and had a very complicated structure.  He replicated the design with an improved structure.  Darius is a real craftsman but he is also practical and his prices are reasonable. We would recommend him for any job."

David and Mariana Beatty


"Darius can fix ANYTHING!!. Over the years and at our place Darius has done electrical, dry rot repair, plumbing, painting, mechanical etc. and always with the highest standards and impeccable results. Incredible Workmanship!! Highly recommended."

M. Eric and Laurel Gershwin, Davis, CA


"I have used various contractors for our house and Darius has been the best.  I will continue using him.  He adheres to his estimate (something that many lesser contractors sadly do not once they have the job). His work is thorough so you won't have to request a revisit, and he finishes the project on time.  Darius explains to the customer beforehand what the job entails and shows you afterwards to your satisfaction the finished result.  All questions are answered and I always felt my property were in good hands with a trustworthy, conscientious, and highly knowledgeable contractor.  Bottom line: I would recommend him highly."

Neal Hemel, Orinda, CA


"Juelie and I would like to let you (and everyone) know how much we admire and appreciate the construction work you performed for us. The work itself was exceptional: you hand-selected each piece of lumber so that the fence would be perfect and free from any blemish, you took great care to remove the old fence so that nothing else around it was disturbed, the craftsmanship you displayed was of the highest order, you consulted with us at each stage and made many good suggestions, the work site was always clean and orderly, and all the time you and your crew were professional yet easy-going and courteous. We have no hesitation in recommending your work to anyone as of the highest quality. In every aspect of this project you were honest, above-board, on time, reasonable, and good-natured. Thank you so much."

Kurt and Juelie Roggli, Davis, CA


"I'm writing to convey my enthusiasm for the outstanding work Darius did on our elevated backyard covered patio. The original add-on was approaching 40 years of age and definitely showing the worse for it. Lori and I were greatly pleased by Darius attention to detail and in assuring structural integrity by adding or replacing structural support wherever it was required. Now we have a patio that is both beautiful and used far more often than before. To those seeking a contractor in the Davis area, I can give my wholehearted recommendation. Darius was a pleasure to interact with, his work fully met all expectations, and the project was completed by the requested date."

George and Lori Malyj, Davis, CA


"Darius has done a number of jobs for me around my house, and what I am always amazed by is how creative and resourceful he can be. A number of times, he has been able to re-use materials from a prior project. This saves me money, and it also keeps useful construction materials out of the landfill, which I appreciate most of all. Every project Darius has completed at my house has been on time, o budget, and well-crafted. I have and I will continue to recommend him to my friends and family."

Beth Gabor, Davis, CA